Hi there, my name is Niklas Beilinson. I'm a designer, developer and an all-round media buff currently living near Helsinki, Finland. In the middle of polar bears (I wish) I convert the power of excess coffee and the freezing cold weather (read rainy) of the north into ideas, experiences, and designs.

I believe that all digital, print, and physical products should be designed to evoke a desired emotion and provide an experience that will bring the user back over and over again.

What I've been doing

I've been working in the field of design and font-end development for the past 6 years, and been fascinated with the world of technology all my life. I created my first website at the turn of the millenium and been doing it ever since.

I currently work as a Brand Manager and UX/UI Designer at Reforged Studios. Before diving into the fascinating world of gaming I worked as a freelance designer and spent three years as a production manager for a legal services company, where I was responsible for the production processes and customer support management of several online SaaS products. At the same time I handled the role of an in-house art director.

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